PTR and PTS Calculator (UPDATED 2023 FORMULA)

What is PTR and PTS Calculator in PCD Pharma Company

PTR (Price to Retailer) and PTS (Price to the stockist) Is essentially a computer software that can help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the calculation of contract terms, the cost of products, and other financial terms related to the manufacture and commercialization of medicines. It helps in maintaining proper accounting records of the financial transactions of the company. As more pharmaceutical companies are venturing into the pharmaceutical manufacturing business, accounting records are becoming extremely important. In fact, accounting has now become one of the basic essentials of Pharmaceutical Engineering and has achieved steady growth in the pharmaceutical area of science.

What is PTR ?

PTR full form is Price to Retailer. PTR is Used to calculate net schemes. It is a good quality indicator , which compares the cost of providing preventive medicine with provided value. A lower index indicates that particular health equipment has lower quality than average. For example, if you want to give a scheme of 15% then this PTR calculator calculates the net scheme value of its own, according to the scheme percentage you entered.

What is PTS ?

PTS means Price to the stockist, PTC is the price given by any pharma company on its goods to their Pharma distributors or stockists . It is exclusive of GST. The PTC is often called the price/ transaction cost or the fee-for-service price. This ratio measures how much a provider is charged for each service rendered, and it's based on negotiated prices. It's considered an important economic indicator for health care because higher rates usually mean better service.

What Is GST ?

Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, is an indirect regressive tax utilized in India to levy customs and central Excise duties on imports and exports. It is a comprehensive, single-stage, destination-based indirect tax: complete because it incorporates all the other indirect taxes, apart from some state taxes, like stamp duty, local value markup and property tax. It is designed to encourage the flow of foreign trade by taxing consumption expenses at source, and diverting tax revenues to ensure a level of internal market competition. The significant features of this tax include its simplicity, widespread application, comparability with other indirect taxes, stable tax base and liberalization of tax rates. It aims at providing a regressive source of income for the government and also encourages domestic production and employment. The major drawback of this tax system is its potential volatility.

What is MRP in PCD Pharma ?

MRP, Named Maximum retail price is a manufacturer calculated price which is the highest price that can be charged for a product sold in India or any other country.MRP is inclusive of all taxes including GST. It must be noted that retailers cannot charge GST over and above the MRP. GST is already included in the MRP printed on the product. What is Stock Margin in PCD Pharma? The Stock Margin is the % of sales that is leftover after all costs, including taxes, reduction, interest,and all other important expenses have been deducted. Typically, preferred stock dividends are included in this calculation, while common stock dividends are not.

What is Retailer Margin in Pharma ?

"Retail margin" is the gross margin a retail business receives when selling goods. Retailer Margin is the difference between retail price and price of goods sold on. The Retailer margin (also known as Wholesale Margin and Retailing Margin in the industry) is the difference between the manufacturer price of a generic pharmaceutical and its retail price. This is calculated by dividing the retail price of the pharmaceutical by the manufacturer's wholesale price. To Know more Click here!

How to calculate PTR ? Formula to Find PTR

To calculate the PTR first we have to calculate Net Margin and GST Factor.
Net Margin (It is Inclusive of GST) To calculate the Net margin directly minus the Retail % from MRP
Net Margin = MRP - Retail %

GST factor (Which is useful to minus GST amount from net margin)
GST Factor = 100 + GST% / 100
PTR = Net margin / GST Factor

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PTR And PTS Calculator